Sunday, April 26, 2009

Off to THe Races

spent today  exploring  a totally new side of photography for me ,  shooting photos of  bands and  portrait photography are my two favorite avenues , but the bike culture is racing into a strong 3rd for sure , i could definitely enjoy doing more racing photos  here's a few i captured today.  Lens :  sigma 24 -70  (iso) 100 

Nicole Vaughn

Under the Barbed wire and  across the train tracks , I once again found myself excited and feeling alive. I have been talking with my  friend nicole for awhile  about creating a day shoot together.  Nicole is currently in the process of recording her first record .Now a days its hard to find love , In fact its even hard to find like in the ocean of face booking twitterness we call reality  and its even harder to find someone who does there passion just for the simple love of it .  The Escape  , Its  a nice change of pace  to get inspired by such a honest form of creativity  

Check out nicole's music  @

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

35mm " honest colors "

i love  the colors my pentax makes  no photo shop just straight colors